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Using Keywords to improve SEO and traffic

SEO Keywords

You might be wondering why people stress the term “Keyword” on both websites and blogs to be precise. A keyword is simply what people search for on the internet. Before writing any piece of content, you must decide on the focus of the content. The general idea behind the content is what decides the keyword. It is therefore advisable that you pick up your keywords before writing any article.

SEO which is referred to as Search Engine Optimization involves the process of targeting a particular audience through the use of strategic content. To rank your website, you have to take into consideration keywords. Although, SEO ranking is ascertained by Google. It is quite a challenge to rank on the first page of google. This is because Google ranks websites and blogs according to their relevance to the search queries entered by the Researcher.

Ranking with SEO requires the use of organic processes to rank on the Google search engine. The aim of using SEO efficiently is so that google can display your content on the first page for a particular search query. In this article, we are going to deal with how to use keywords strategically for your websites.

How to use Keywords for your website

1. Organise your content:

Your content should be useful to your audience. It should provide a solution to their needs and desires. Determine the contents you want to put out based on their pain points and highlight the keywords you want to rank for. Let each page of your website target a particular keyword. If your business deals with fresh fruits, your keywords and content should be about fruits, not gadgets. This means that the keywords of your websites should include: fresh, fruits, market, storage, guide, organic, etc.

2. The intent of the readers:

Do not just create content that has no emotional connection with your audience. Put yourself in the mind of your audience. What would they likely search for and need? They have needs to be met by your website. Choose keywords that target those needs. You want your product to be seen as a solution so make it one. Do not talk about your product or service first. The keywords used for your website should educate them on the solution. The solution is your product or service.

3. Use external tools to your advantage:

In this modern day and age, a lot has been put in place to make things simpler and easier to use. Save yourself the stress of finding the right keywords to use for your brand. SEO research has been made easier through the use of free tools which I highly recommend. Define your audience and decipher their needs. Then getting keywords would not be a challenge. Some examples are Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, and Keywords everywhere.

4. Research your competitors:

Before you set up your website take a sneak look at your competitors. Your competitors are those who sell similar products to yours. Take time to observe their marketing strategy. Note down their failures and success. To be successful you have to be a step ahead of your competitors. To make more sales put more effort into what they neglect.


Most brands ignore their content and website which can bring in a lot of free traffic to their websites. Keywords are highly important to keep your website ranking on the first page of google.

Your target keywords for every website content should be added at the introduction of the content and within the first paragraph. Put the keywords as much as possible into your content. Do not do it too much to avoid it being too much.

Remember to focus more on meeting the needs of your customers, not necessarily ranking on Google. The reason your websites exist in the first place is to meet the needs of your customers.

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Chiamaka Joyce Nzeako

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